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3 Fast Acting Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-aging treatments fall under two categories: gradual treatments and fast acting treatments. Gradual
treatments involve repeatedly applied creams, pills, diet solutions and herbal remedies. Unfortunately,
these treatments often aren’t powerful enough to create the kind of change patients are looking for.
Fast acting treatments can create significant change rapidly, often in a single treatment session.
Here are three of the most popular and effective fast action treatments.
Fraxel Repair Treatment
The fraxel repair treatment uses a fractionated CO2 laser to reduce wrinkles, acne, skin moles and
other cosmetic blemishes. The procedures starts by carefully washing the patient’s skin. A topical mild
anesthetic is applied, then the treatment is performed. The patient is generally fully conscious during
the procedure.
The procedure itself is completely painless. Some patients experience mild discomfort or a feeling of
heat. The procedure is far more comfortable and painless than other CO2 laser treatments.
Cosmetic Laser Surgery
The cosmetic laser is essentially a beam of concentrated energy. It’s a highly versatile tool that can be
used to treat a wide range of conditions. The laser can be used to create microscopic incisions, seal
blood vessels, burn away tumors or moles and reduce wrinkles.
The procedure is performed either at the surgeon’s facility or in the outpatient wing of a hospital. Minor
surgery might be performed without anesthetic, while local anesthetic are frequently used in more in-
depth procedures.
After the procedure, the patient may experience a slight redness or mild swelling. Sunlight can be
detrimental to the healing process and many clinicians recommend staying out of sunlight. It can take
as long as two months for the patient’s new face to fully emerge. Most laser surgeries are able to
accomplish more in one surgery than other procedures are able to over months of repeat treatments.
Botox Treatment
Botox has been a stable in the anti-aging market for over a decade. It was approved for medical
applications in 1989 and approved for general cosmetic applications in 2002. Since then, women all over
the world have used Botox to quickly melt away wrinkles.
Botox is injected into the skin just below the skin’s surface. The compound has naturally occurring
paralytic properties. In other words, Botox causes nearby muscles to completely relax. The muscles
around the eyes can’t “scrunch up” and cause wrinkles. There are few wrinkle reduction solutions that
can act as quickly or as powerfully as Botox.
If over the counter or “gradual” treatments aren’t getting you the results you want, it may be time to
consider using a more drastic, faster acting treatment.
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