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Benefits of wearing a tunic dress

black tunic dressWe are often asked what are tunic dresses and the benefits of wearing them. Tunic dresses are great for occasions when smart-casual attire is required. They appear a little more formal than a typical t-shirt and jeans, so are great for the office, lunch date or accessorize with some jewellery and heels to take you through to an evening out. Teaming them with jeans or pants is a fun way to wear them, or if you are going for a truly feminine touch, then a skirt is the way to go. Another benefit of wearing with a skirt, is they extend the length of the shirt or  dress to comfortable levels, while adding an additional layer that gives your body definition. Wear the tunic as a summer dress or layered over leggings during the cooler months.

A tunic is a trendy wardrobe essential that is perfect for all seasons and best of all, it suits every age. The structure and shape of a tunic will give thinner, taller women more definition that other dresses, especially if they add a narrow belt to bring in the waist. It is recommended that shorter, fuller-figured women wear a wider belt to distribute focus over a larger area, helping to accentuate your curves. Not all tunic dresses will need a belt as they are very structured already.
Gorgeous tunic dresses will suit every shape, but one style does not fit all. It is important to shop around and find one that will be perfect for you. To avoid looking plump and frumpy, the trick is to wear a right dress for your body shape and in a colour that matches your skin tone.

Once you have chosen your ideal tunic, have fun adding accessories, shoes and handbag to match.