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Best tips for choosing your underwear

model wearing lingeriePanties are little alluring elements that enhance the feminine figure. Many would consider that choosing a comfortable panty is very easy, but in many cases it can be more difficult than it seems. You can find these items in all kinds of designs, fabrics and colors.

Panties are available in different styles such as g-strings, thongs, crotchless and boy shorts. The huge variety of panties means making it possible for women to choose the one in which they feel sexy and beautiful. Check out the following tips and get ready to spice up your wardrobe with the perfect lingerie.

Choose the right size

When choosing panties, size is the most important thing that needs to be carefully considered. Panties sit on your skin for the whole day. Hence, it should make you feel comfortable without causing pinches, squashes and pulls that makes your life as miserable as possible.

There is nothing more disgusting than wearing panties that reach all the way to your buttocks. Here are some easy ways to help you determine the right size:

  • Measure your waist and hips with a tape and note down the numbers on a piece of paper. This will help you when you go shopping for lingerie.
  • Don’t go for a smaller size panty thinking that no one else is interested in what size panties you wear. In fact, small size underwears can be seen through on your cloths and also makes a person look overweight.
  • If the store allows you for a trial, you can try the panties over your existing ones. If you are not allowed to do so and you are not sure about your exact size, don’t buy too many pairs, instead buy a pair and try it at home. If you are comfortable with it then you can buy more of the same size.

Don’t get attracted to the designs

The most common mistake women make is to get attracted to items that are attractive but not a fit or choose branded items but is not appropriate for their shape or size. Some points to consider while buying a comfortable panty:

  • Consider the features and benefits of panties over its box looks and brand. Just because the packaging is attractive, does not mean the panties inside it is good. Same applies to the commercial ads.
  • And most importantly, just because a panty has simple looks, doesn’t mean that it is not comfortable or sexy on your body.

Consider the occasion

Consider the event you want to wear them on.

  • For daily wear, choose the one that is comfortable, skin-friendly and neatly covers your back.
  • For elegant occasions, choose the one that matches the color of your dress.
  • For formal occasions, you can wear seamless panties which avoid the panty lines from showing through on your cloths.
  • For tight-fitting dresses, select panties that have elastic waistline to give you a slim-look.
  • When you are wearing white skirts or pants, go for a light pink or skin colored panty which remains invisible under your garments.

Choose the right fabric

Fabric may be responsible for the discomfort caused when wearing panties, especially when it is irritating, sweat-inducing and not skin-friendly. While checking your new underwear the following things can help you make a perfect choice.

  • Check the panties for smoothness, softness and comfort.
  • If you feel it too thin or thick, check further as thick material may cause scratches.
  • Cotton panties are always best as they breathe well and are very easy to maintain.
  • Remember, panties sit on your skin for the whole day, so don’t make wrong choices and end up with something scratchy. If lacy panties are your favorite make sure the lace doesn’t harm your skin.

Check the elasticity

Underwear with too tight elastic will put you at the risk of poor blood circulation or causing rashes. If you notice any marks on your body after wear, stop using those panties.

Organic panties

If you’ve sensitive skin go for organic underwears as they are free from bleaches or dyes. Since your underwear sits on your skin all day long, such chemicals may prove harmful to your skin. So, organic panties are the best option for those with sensitive skin.

Replace underwear regularly

Replacing panties regularly, as well as following the instructions carefully will greatly increase comfort and durability of your underwear.

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