Sister Lookbook by Shayleeandbaby

I had the privilege of stumbling upon Shaylees’ youtube channel, called Shayleeandbaby, some time ago. In this video, she showcases some gorgeous plus size fall fashions with her sister, Kiley. 

Shaylee has many “plus size try on vlogs” where she shows us how to dress to our curves, with style.  I have never met her in person, but you only have to watch a few of her vlogs to see her inner and outer beauty.  She is a wife, mum and an inspiration. Check out her killer voice as well !!  

I thought I would share with you,  her latest vlog. The fashions are lovely and are perfect for fall and winter. Comment your favourite outfit. 

Emitations December Sales

Emitations christmas jewelry sale

Happy December! The 2014 Holiday season has officially kicked-off, to celebrate we’re showcasing tons of new jewelry to share with you from Emitations. Jewelry makes a great holiday gift, and boy do they have plenty! Enjoy all their new jewelry that’s perfect for the season and ready for you to share.

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Top Beauty and fashion Tips

makeup beauty tipsFemales love to maintain themselves throughout the day whether in office or at home. This is the reason why beauty industry has grown rapidly throughout the globe. There are thousands of products available in the market that can be used to enhance beauty and look. Not all the products are effective and produce good results. This is where top beauty and fashion tips can help you to pick safe products from the market in order to look attractive all the time.

Beauty tips:

Whatever your skin’s color is, you are tall or short, or you are skinny or plus sized female, looking good is something to do with healthy eating. If you eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle, then it is assured that you will look good. However in addition to healthy eating, using beauty products is imperative.

Amongst body part, facial look is extremely important for females. Keeping the face look clean and sharp is an excellent way to look good overall and stay confident. Although you can visit any nearest beauty parlor to do facials and all sorts of beauty stuffs but if you can manage most of the process at home then you can save lots of money. Continue reading “Top Beauty and fashion Tips”

Accessories To Make Plus Size Women Look Very Stylish

High heel shoesThere is a common tendency among plus size women to think that there is not much need for accessories when it comes to flattering their figure. However, the truth is that there are certain accessories that plus size women just cannot do without. However, it is important to us the accessories correctly. There are also many such accessories that plus size women should avoid.

Four Trendy Accessories

  • Handbag of Proper Size– Many plus size women fail to understand what a powerful effect a properly sized handbag can have on their appearance. Carrying a handbag that is too small can make you look even heavier than what you actually are. Therefore, from now on, you must spend sufficient amount of time in choosing the right kind of handbag. When you are purchasing a handbag, you need to keep in mind the importance of the scale. Finding a bag that is in proportion with your size is extremely important. Totes or tiny bags are better avoided as they will make you appear bigger. You also need to make sure that there are enough straps on your handbag and those should fit on your arms perfectly. It is not always wise to choose a brown or a black bag as handbag is the perfect accessory for experimenting different colours.

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Checklist before buying a bra

Tips for buying a braLadies often end up buying bras that don’t fit them well and this part of shopping is annoying to almost all women since finding the most suitable bra for your body shape is by far the hardest thing! Many women complain about their frustrating experience while buying bras but the experience can be made better for your next shopping if some of the common things are kept in mind

Find the right shop

Now, finding a right place for bra shopping is essential, unless and until you choose a good and well stocked store, the shopping experience is bound to be gloomy. Opt for the stores which stock different brands of bras. Once you get into a shop ensure that the options there don’t blind you from the things you actually need in your inner. Try to plan beforehand so that you don’t end up buying the ones which you actually don’t need.

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Perfect style dress for my body shape

dressShopping for a new dress can be exciting, but also daunting if you are unsure what suits your body type. There are various styles of dresses, and each one compliments a specific body type. Use our list as a guide and you will be turning heads in no time.

Wrap Dress:  A dress that wraps around the body and ties at the side, and is great for all body types. The typical V neckline, compliments all figures. We suggest that hourglass figures find wrap dresses with a natural waist line. This accents the small waist and curves of this figure type. Pear and Apple Shaped women should Look for wrap dresses with more of an empire waist line that sits right under the bust if you are pear-shaped or have an apple figure.

Column or Sheath Dress: These are form-fitting dresses that are generally solid colors or one pattern with little or no embellishments. They are typically knee or thigh length, and are most suited to pear shaped or hourglass figures.


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Benefits of wearing a tunic dress

black tunic dressWe are often asked what are tunic dresses and the benefits of wearing them. Tunic dresses are great for occasions when smart-casual attire is required. They appear a little more formal than a typical t-shirt and jeans, so are great for the office, lunch date or accessorize with some jewellery and heels to take you through to an evening out. Teaming them with jeans or pants is a fun way to wear them, or if you are going for a truly feminine touch, then a skirt is the way to go. Another benefit of wearing with a skirt, is they extend the length of the shirt or  dress to comfortable levels, while adding an additional layer that gives your body definition. Wear the tunic as a summer dress or layered over leggings during the cooler months.

A tunic is a trendy wardrobe essential that is perfect for all seasons and best of all, it suits every age. The structure and shape of a tunic will give thinner, taller women more definition that other dresses, especially if they add a narrow belt to bring in the waist. It is recommended that shorter, fuller-figured women wear a wider belt to distribute focus over a larger area, helping to accentuate your curves. Not all tunic dresses will need a belt as they are very structured already.
Gorgeous tunic dresses will suit every shape, but one style does not fit all. It is important to shop around and find one that will be perfect for you. To avoid looking plump and frumpy, the trick is to wear a right dress for your body shape and in a colour that matches your skin tone.

Once you have chosen your ideal tunic, have fun adding accessories, shoes and handbag to match.

Three tips to styling your hair

hairstyle clipartStyling your own hair is nothing new. Most people will do it from time to time, although most people are going to prefer to go to a professional hairdressers. These days, many people find themselves stuck for money and are therefore going to want to find new ways of styling their hair for less. It is possible to scout around for discounts, but if you are interested in getting your hair styled professionally on a regular basis, you may want to learn a few tricks yourself. Depending on the type of hair that you have, you may need to get a friend to do this for you. Sometimes, however, it will be easier to do certain things yourself.
Invest in Tools

Hair curling tongs spring to mind, as well as hair straightening devices. If you have long hair, then you are going to need a number of different tools to tame it. Those who want straight hair can easily straighten it using a pair of hair straighteners. Others may want to have their hair curled. While you can easily get this done at a salon, you can also do this at home for free. Get yourself a pair of straighteners and curling tongs that are going to last you for a long time. These high-quality choices will ensure that you save money and that they do not break down in the future. This is the most important thing to do remember.

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The appeal in wearing a onesie

wearing a onesieWatching fashion trends come and go is always a great source of amusement for my friends and I. Generally, we pride ourselves on having fairly good taste and not bowing to the latest trends. However, the onesie is a garment which we are just not sure about. Although we may laugh at the pictures of celebrities doing their weekly shop in a onesie, secretly there is something about it that appeals.

Now, I don’t want you to panic. The mere mention of a onesie is enough to send some criminally insane. Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but the onesie has certainly divided opinion up and down the country. Many people simply cannot fathom why you would want to wear a one–piece suit akin to a baby grow outside of the house, or even inside the house.

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Save money on the latest shoe trends

High heel shoesIf there’s anything which figures prominently in a gal’s life, it’s a new sparkly pair of heels. You can never have too many shoes in your collection. Unfortunately, the banks don’t necessarily agree. Shopping can turn into an expensive business. To make sure you can stay stylish without having to remortgage the family home, here are a few ways you can save money on the latest shoe trends.

Your Wardrobe

The biggest sin women make is buying shoes which don’t match any outfits in the wardrobe. Of course, the logical thing to do is buy a new outfit. If you have the money go for it, otherwise stick to what you have.

Take a look at your wardrobe and measure how much of a diverse color range you have. If you want a pair of purple pumps for the Christmas party, make sure you actually have a purple outfit for them to go with.

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