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Tips for buying a bra

Checklist before buying a bra

Ladies often end up buying bras that don’t fit them well and this part of shopping is annoying to almost all women since finding the most suitable bra for your body shape is by far the hardest thing! Many women complain about their frustrating experience while buying bras but the experience can be made better for your next shopping if some of the common things are kept in mind

Find the right shop

Now, finding a right place for bra shopping is essential, unless and until you choose a good and well stocked store, the shopping experience is bound to be gloomy. Opt for the stores which stock different brands of bras. Once you get into a shop ensure that the options there don’t blind you from the things you actually need in your inner. Try to plan beforehand so that you don’t end up buying the ones which you actually don’t need.

Know the type you want

There are different types of bras meant for different reasons. You can either buy one for support to your sagging breasts or a bra meant for complete coverage or one for maximum comfort. So ensure which type of fit and fabric you want so that buying becomes a lot easier. Some of the common types of bras are:

  • Sports or training bras are meant for the beginners that is those young girls are on their way to wear a standard bra in a few years. It usually helps to shape up the developing breasts of the young girls.
  • Total support bras are mostly under wired which allow the breasts to appear perky and do not let them sag. However this bra is suitable for women of any body shape!
  • Light bras have coverage but no under wiring and are best suited for those having smaller breasts. You can choose to buy padded or non-padded variants of these bras.
  • Push up bras is usually the padded variants that are meant for the occasions where you can flaunt your cleavage. The shape of the bra gives a perfect shape of the breasts and the cleavage.

Find your body shape

According to the experts, women need to choose their bras depending upon the shape of their body. Suppose a woman with a full figure or more precisely a heavier upper body needs to have a bra that lends full support. On the other hand a woman with rectangular shaped figure can buy the light support bras.


Avoid surprises

Instead of getting shocked because of its high transparency when you wear it for the very first time. Never forget to carry a thin shirt so that before you buy the bra you have chosen you can check out whether it shows anything beneath or the sheer of it is too much under a thin dress! Get some accessories along with it since you never know when these can come into use!

Overlook the judging eyes

Yes, many women feel shy to talk about their breast sizes and end up with wrong bras! There is nothing to worry if you have small or large breasts.

Moreover taking care of the bras is very important and must be hand washed regularly. Ensure that you go for bra shopping for at least twice a year since breast sizes can vary from time to time!