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Fashion Tips to make a Not So perfect Body have a Stylish Look

by Lon Sjiu

Woman leaning on treeNot every woman has a perfect body shape. May be you are unwilling to show your arms, just because they are not looking slim enough. If you maintain the opinion that all the fashion trend are for those who with shapely body, you are absolutely wrong. In fact, you need some good fashion wisdom and a bit of common sense, and you can build a fix flaws and look gorgeous. You should also realize that not all the fashion tips or fashion clothes which look charming on the model or film start will look good on you.

Ways to make a flat chest look glamorous

You should choose a deep V-necks and high necks to balance your flat chest. They can also look very stylish. Those who with perfect body shapes work well with this style as well. As they distract attention from the flat chest and lay emphasis on the arms. What else, fabrics including silk, Lycra or cotton match well with the flat chest. These fabrics complement the figure and make the clothes look exquisite. Prints may be a good choice for you too. They can turn attention to the prints instead of the flat chest. If you are fond of wearing jewelry to accent your outfit, you should keep away the necklaces which can draw more attention to your flat chest, you can put on bracelets and earrings at will, such as ear cuff earrings, they can help you to draw more attention on your face so as to prevent more attention on your chest.

Believe it or not, a large butt can also appear sexy, if you following the tips. Understanding your body shape is the key to dress glamorous look. Everyone has body parts that are less flattering than others, only when you have learned how to accentuate the good and hide the bad, can you find fitted outfit. Never wearing tight clothing if you have a large hip or butt, it will make your hip even apparently and draw more attention to your problem place. Why not try skinny jeans that are slightly high-waist and wedge heels. You shouldn’t pair an ankle trap with a dress, or you will build a short and stubby look. Combine pumps with trousers and jeans or dress. Add gold statement necklace to accessorize your upper body so as not draw more attention to your large hips.

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