Find Plus Size Fashions

How to dress to compliment your plus size.

Being plus size does not mean you have to live in frumpy tents. Make 2011 the year that you celebrate your curves. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashions these days. Being individual and dressing for comfort and mood goes a long way, but you can still do it in style.

Here are my tips for dressing to compliment your gorgeous curves. My most favourite look, is dark coloured (navy or black) long pants, or skirt, teamed with a matching dark top. Create a long line, which helps to make you look taller and more slender by adding a bright, colourful over shirt. Where the over shirt open and it is best for it to be a bit longer and end past the widest point of your hips. Something around the top of the thigh or even mid thigh would be even better. In the cooler months add a long jacket or coat. Another tip, is to wear a shoe with a bit of a heel to give added height which can help the overall look. Accessorise with jewellery to really bring it all together.

Although the over shirt and jacket are a little longer than I was describing, the below images are perfect examples of the look I was trying to achieve.

Please, please please, never wear stripes. Horizontal or vertical, I don’t recommend either. Another big no no, is try not to wear clingy, shiny fabrics. They seem to find and accentuate every little (and not so little lol) bump. We want clothing that flows over our curves, not make them more noticeable.

While we don’t want to wear tents, we also don’t want clothing that is too tight. You might be able to fit into that size 22 dress, but a size 24, with just a little more room can look more attractive. If you are worried about the stigma of the size, simply cut the tag out.

It is well known that sizing differs between designers and stores. I know for a fact I have clothing in size 20, 22 and 24 that all fit the same. In fact when putting them up against each other, there is no difference in measurements. This can be extremely frustrating, so we highly recommend trying on all fashions before buying them. If you buying online, find a retailer who is willing to exchange. This should be standard in their policies, but not all online retailers do. Shop with those that do. We have found that even if they provide the measurements online, different factors, like the stretchiness of the material can effect how it sits on.

Plus size fashions are my passion, and I have so much more to share, but I will save it for another day. If you feel sexy and confident you will shine, and it will show through. Don’t let your ‘size’ or ‘weight’ hold you back from looking on trend and curvaceously gorgeous.