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Is plus size models on runways good or bad?

I read an article today that really made me think about things. There has been a lot of discussion of late about the negative impact that stick thin models in magazines and on the runway, are having on teenage girls. They feel that unrealistic skinny models could be the cause of teenagers depression, low self esteem and eating disorders, as they are unable to achieve and maintain these unrealistic sizes. It gives them a sense of failure when they are unable to reduce their weight to the like of the stick thin models. Of course these models are not the ‘average’ and ‘healthy’ size and some are even putting their own health at risk by dieting to these levels. They say that the average size in Australia now is size 14.

The article I read today was saying that although they agree that the ultra thin models should not be promoted, the current swing to having plus size models on runways is also wrong. Plus size models should not be in magazines or on runways either, as worldwide there is huge issues with obesity and associated medical complications. The author of the article felt that promoting ‘fat’ people was not acceptable either. The writer thought we should not be glorifying plus size models, as we shouldn’t be letting kids/teens feel that it is ok, to be overweight. In fact, they were saying we should be spending our time finding the cause why these teens are obese in the first place.

I have a thought on this. Could the fact that our tv’s, magazines, runways, and internet have spent the past couple of decades promoting such underweight models, that the resulting low self esteem and depression of teens has caused them to go to the other extreme and pile on weight?? I wonder… I know it is not the ultimate answer, and there would be a lot of other factors as well, but it is a possibility that it has affected some teens in this way.

So what is the answer? Should ONLY images of size 12-14 women/teens be allowed in magazines? Only size 12-14 be on the runway? The fact of the matter is, there is plus size woman. There are naturally thin women. We are all shapes and sizes. I think a mixed variety of models should be used. Not all to one extreme. Plus size women need to wear and buy clothes as well. They need to be catered to. We need to know what the clothing is going to look like on us, not a size 8 model. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ps. Not all plus size people are unhealthy!