Find Plus Size Fashions

Plus-sized fashion on the golf course

Most women I speak to have a hard time dealing with the f-word: fashion. It’s not a four-letter word, but the challenge of balancing fit, comfort and style can be so overwhelming that getting dressed for a round of golf could feel, well, profane. Throw into this mix the challenge of finding clothes that are stylish and flattering in a size 14, 16 or 18 and you can see why most of us have been reduced to dropping f-bombs in the fitting rooms of our local pro shops. It does not have to be this impossible. Here’s my strategy for finding cute clothes, no matter what your size.

Shop online. Two of my favorite websites offer a great variety of golf looks in all sizes. I love the prints and bold colors you can find at and the selection includes all your favorite golf brands. At you can find a great selection of active golf styles so versatile you could take a yoga class after you’re done with 18 holes — without a wardrobe change.

Shop your favorite chain store. The plus-size market is no longer relegated to two paltry racks in a dim corner of your favorite department store. Stores like Target, Old Navy and Gap offer a great selection, in stores and online, of the hottest trends. Just because you’re playing golf does not mean your clothes need to come from a pro shop. It’s easy to find course friendly pieces like polos, khakis, zip-up jackets at budget friendly prices.

Shop at specialty stores that offer only plus-size goods. Lane Bryant, Avenue and Ashley Stewart offer the latest cut of trousers and tops in the season’s hottest prints, and since active clothing is such a huge fashion trend you’ll be sure to find something perfect for sweating in style.

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