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Style Q&A: Plus Size Leggings and Jeggings

You have asked in the past about items that some of us may want to learn more about and you would discuss them here. I have two, which are jeggings/leggings and control garments. Since this fashion craze of the jeggings/leggings what I have realized truly that all things don’t look good on everybody. However I have seen some big girls work them and work them well so I shopped for them. Iam not finding one the helps to conceal or hold large thighs they all seem to help accentuate bulges, so am I correct to believe this product is only for those with nice legs. Have you found a line that works well with Plus Size women? I am also looking for a control top undergarment. I don’t want something that merely camouflages my rolls, I want something that helps to define my waist yet allow me to sit comfortably at a banquet. I need your help!!!- Trina Marie

Thank you so much for submitting your question Trina!

You know what? I completely agree with you on finding a great pair of leggings and jeggings. To tackle this, let’s focus on one thing at a time, as there are brands who make some fabulous options for both!

However, one thing remains the same among both leggings and jeggings- quality of fabric. The thicker the fabric and higher quality of the blend, the better control you will have and the longer they will last- as I have lived in my leggings and jeggings!

Onto the leggings:

I actually now have an UBER favorite pair of leggings, that I have in both full length and cropped- and they are by Lisse Leggings.

Why do I love them? Well, in my review of Lisse Leggings, I talked about the four highlights of the brand that they promised to deliver: Elimination of “The Roll”, four-way stretch, hidden control panel, and tag-less comfort. BUT! What I loved even more about these leggings was the double layer of the leggings (SMOOTHS OUT EVERYTHING!), the high rise (it comes up above my belly button), the finish of the leggings, and the all day comfort of these.

When looking for leggings, I like to look for those that will provide MULTI-Function: Support, Comfort, Durability, Style, and Quality. I look for fabrics that are a cotton blend with higher spandex blend. If they provide a tummy panel type of support, I am in heaven! In addition to Lisse Leggings, other brands that I actually love and that give me support are:
•·Spanx (they have leggings now) and they are fun!

•·Yummie Tummie. I fell in love with them when I was at Blog Her, definitely a brand to check out

•·Sejour Leggings. Nordstrom’s private label is quite comfy! (softer cotton, more casual- no support but they have lasted me a year nicely!)

*For those reading, if you have favorite brands of leggings, please chime in with your favorites! *

The Jeggings:
Honestly. I have two pair of jeggings- one I think I have almost killed with wear and another that I have yet to actually step into.
SVOBODA makes these awesome pair of jeggings that have survived my thighs rubbing together, constant wash, and tireless wear!
What makes them SO amazing?
Well, there are tons of reasons, BUT those that I can quickly summarize are:

•·The patent pending cotton blend. They are more substantive than a leggings and lighter than a traditional denim.

•·Comfort and stretch- no tummy indentions and bruises (you know what I mean) the stretch is bananas! I have flown on an 8 hour flight and have been comfortable the whole time!

•·The colorfast-ness- they do not fade or haven’t yet for me!

•·Perfect rise and finish (they look like jeans) and the only way you know they are jeggings is when you actually touch them!

With a pair jeggings, as with any other denim, you have to be careful about the cotton to elastic blend. Too much elastic and quickly you will have a saggy crotch or behind, too little and you might as well be wearing regular jeans. When it come to jeggings, I would look at the integrity of the fabric and the reinforcements of the seams too!

Being a denim snob, I have not found too many jeggings that give me this level of comfort and fashion. Maybe because I have been moving to the skinny jean cut, rather than jeggings? Yes… Maybe.

*For the readers: What jeggings do you swear by? That hold you in and give you tons of support?*

Trina, I hope this helped you out!