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Sunglasses to suit your personality

Some people take a long time to pick sunglasses and this can be justified. Sunglasses are not just protection for your eyes or a fashion statement; they say something about you in general. Whether you are outgoing or introverted, loud or subdued, laid-back or take-charge, the type of sunglasses you wear provides others with a hint to your overall personality.

So what do the different types of sunglasses say about their wearers?

• Round-frame sunglasses. You love the classic look and don’t care about what people say about you and your fashion sense. You do not easily cave in to what is “in” or trendy. People who choose this style are perceived to be artists and intellectuals. Click here for more styles!

beautiful-woman-434015_1280• Cat’s eye sunglasses. This design is more suited for women than for men. For the woman who choose to wear these frames, it reflects your strong will as well as your unpredictable and adventurous nature.

• Aviator sunglasses. These are sometimes referred to as “authority glasses.” You want others to know you’re a no-nonsense type individual and want to be taken seriously. Probably the most famous aviator glasses in history are the ones Gen. Douglas MacArthur wore.

• Wayfarers. You might have been influenced by watching a lot of 80’s teen movies. These classic frames reflect your laid-back nature. People wearing these lenses are perceived to be confident yet easygoing. Get more classic sunglasses looks by visiting:

• Wraparound sunglasses. You’re a recluse. You cherish your privacy so much that you don’t even want others to be able to see your eyes from either side!


• Bug eye/oversized sunglasses. You love the classic look but still have the sense to fit in with the modern fashion crowd.

• Sports sunglasses. You have an active lifestyle, love the outdoors and outdoor activities. You want your sunglasses to be as rugged as you are and ready to be taken anywhere, anytime.

This guest post was written by Brian Trota who is a contributor for