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The appeal in wearing a onesie

wearing a onesieWatching fashion trends come and go is always a great source of amusement for my friends and I. Generally, we pride ourselves on having fairly good taste and not bowing to the latest trends. However, the onesie is a garment which we are just not sure about. Although we may laugh at the pictures of celebrities doing their weekly shop in a onesie, secretly there is something about it that appeals.

Now, I don’t want you to panic. The mere mention of a onesie is enough to send some criminally insane. Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but the onesie has certainly divided opinion up and down the country. Many people simply cannot fathom why you would want to wear a one–piece suit akin to a baby grow outside of the house, or even inside the house.

Let’s step back and take an objective look at the onesie for a second. Their core reason for existence is to keep the wearer warm. Originally, they were marketed as an alternative to the ‘slanket’, basically a blanket with sleeves which could be worn on the settee. Hence the onesie is in effect an all-over fleece with a one-point-of-access zip, making it resemble an item of baby wear. Second to its primary objective, the onesie is also easy to wear and extremely comfy. The question is – would you wear one?

A host of celebrities did brave this bizarre fashion trend last year in a bid to promote themselves as bang on trend. The celebs in question included Cheryl Cole, JLS and even members of TOWIE (quelle surprise!). These spectacles were regarded with a mixture of amusement and horror by the public.

However, it was never going to be a high street hit in terms of being seen out. A brief fling with the idea of wearing a onesie at, say, a wedding (Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd) or other social occasion was enough to send the vast populace running for the hills. The love affair was poignant enough, however to instil the idea of keeping a onesie at home for cosy evenings in.

So it would seem that the traditional pyjama has a new kid on the block to contend with. Onesie nightwear makes for a wonderful, snuggly treat and a sure-fire way to ensure a good night’s sleep. They will keep you
warm all over and come in all sorts of cute patterns and designs.

I have always been a fan of traditional pyjamas, but it does seem like a onesie might make a better option. Although it is certainly getting warmer, the nights are still chilly and I would love to feel cosy in bed or even just curled up on the sofa.

Author Bio: Laura Mayne is searching for comfy nightwear and is considering whether a one piece bodysuit might be a good idea!