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The Challenge of Finding Stunning Plus Size Evening Wear

Author: Kiakay Alexander

Are you looking for a stunning formal ball gown for a black tie benefit?
Finding the perfect evening wear for a special occassion is always a challenge. Many times I have found myself having spent countless hours in hundreds of stores only to wind up with nothing to show for it. Shopping for plus size evening apparel can be very difficult, especially if you live in a smaller town with a limited number of malls.
Compound the challenge with fact that dress manufacturers sometimes have smaller selections of evening wear in plus sizes. I often wonder what the dress makers were thinking by not addressing us larger ladies with sufficient plus size styles and choices. Not to mention the fact that simply making a dress in a larger size isn’t also the best choice. What looks good in size 2 or 4, doesn’t also look good or flattering in a size 24.

I have seen some women that have given up and resigned themselves to “whatever is available”. Unfortunately, their decision to give in often leaves them looking less than what they could be if they hadn’t settled for less.
I believe the bigger challenge lies within the fashion industry and dress manufacturers. There seems to be a lack of catering to the “larger lady” demographic. While I have seen some small strides to recitify the situation, there really needs to be a larger shift. I mean come on, the United States on the whole is generally larger has plenty of people willing to pay for fashionable plus size clothing.

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